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Just because the weather is getting colder it doesn’t mean you can’t ride your motorcycle. You just have to know what to wear and how to stay warm on your bike. I ride my motorcycle year round whether it’s freezing, HOT, or raining i’m always on my motorcycle. It attracts a lot of attention in […]

Simple Mobile Review

November 26, 2015

In this review I will talk about Simple Mobile’s coverage strength and calling plans. They have a variety of nationwide and international plans that vary in data allowance. Simple Mobile has its plans organized by categories. Their categories are: Unlimited Nationwide Plans Phone Upgrade Plans Extended National and International Plans  Wireless Broadband Data Plans Special Limited Time Plans I will […]

There are many ways to activate a SIMPLE Mobile SIM card. I will show you the many different ways to activate your Simple Mobile SIM card whether it be over the phone, online, or at a retail store. I will also show you how to  activate your SIM card and get the first month of service on any […]


November 11, 2015

If have an article to publish on, feel free to submit it for review through this form. What I’m Looking For Original and compelling content: I am looking for contributors who have a passion for writing. Your writing must be original, in your own words, and not plagiarized from all around the web. This is […]

Back in the days, the only way to call international was by purchasing a calling card, and just like everything else calling cards had their drawbacks. First, the rates were crazy outrages. Second, if you don’t use your minutes within a giving time period, you will be charged a fee. Third, you are charged a connection […]

When it comes to motorcycle safety, I take it seriously. Riding a motorcycle is not hard to learn, but being a safe rider takes time and experience. I didn’t start practicing safe riding until I had my first crash. That’s when I thought to myself “it could have been a lot worse.” After the accident, […]

Many car drivers who’ve never been on a motorcycle – question why would anybody ever trade in four wheels for two. A motorcycle owner knows full well the many advantages to riding versus driving. Whether you ride to commute, go on rides with your group, or make a vacation of it, riding a motorcycle is […]

In this post I will show you tips on how to prepare your self for the California motorcycle written exam and riding test. I’ll also show you how I showed up for my riding test with confidence that I will pass. Getting Your Permit The first step in getting your class M license is to […]