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All Walmart managers qualify for an 80% discount on the $50 AT&T 4GB Plan, $10 off per line on the Unlimited Premium plan, and waived activation and upgrade fees.

The AT&T Signature Program gives eligible participants exclusive wireless benefits on cell phone plans, waived fees, and discounts on accessories.

Find your Boss Revolution local access number; sorted by language and state: English, Spanish, French, Creole, or Arabic.

Activating a SIM card online makes switching carriers easy and, in some cases, eliminates the need to pay an activation fee

Need your Rebtel access number? No worries, this article includes all Rebtel access numbers for placing international calls. Clicking on a link will launch your phone's dial pad.

I liked Simple Mobile's $40, but other prepaid providers have similar plans with better phone selections.

Cellular coverage should be the primary factor when shopping for cell phone service. You will find yourself frustrated with your service if you settle for less.