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How Godaddy Lost Me as Customer

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Godaddy lost me as a customer forever. They got me good, but I got them back. Before I migrated my website to Godaddy, I was with Bluehost. The reason I left Bluehost was that  I couldn’t automatically install anything from Mojo marketplace, manual install was my only option. I called Bluehost — thinking that it […]

How to Become a BOSS Revolution Retailer

By ·Updated Cell Phones

Whether you operate a retailer store or a home based business, BOSS Revolution can be a great addition to your existing services. As a BOSS Revolution retailer, you will carry a variety of services such as international calling, bill payment, and Money Transfer. In this post, I will give you step by step instructions on […]

What to Wear When Riding Your Motorcycle in the Winter

By ·Updated Motorcycles

The tough news about riding in the winter is you will get cold, but the good news is you can do something about it. With good preparation and the right gear, you’ll be able to ride your motorcycle this winter without having to care about getting cold. I’m a year-round rider. Whether it’s freezing, HOT, […]

Simple Mobile Review

By ·Updated Cell Phones

Is Simple Mobile any good? The purpose of this review is to answer that question. People read reviews because they want to figure out if that particular product or service is right for them. There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for a cell phone service provider, for example, do they have coverage in […]

How to Activate a Simple Mobile SIM Card

By ·Updated Cell Phones

Activating a Simple Mobile SIM card takes only a few minutes. In this post, I will go over how you can activate your Simple Mobile SIM card over the phone, online, or at a retail store. I will also show you how to get the first month of service on any plan for half off when you […]

SIM Card and Motorcycle Guest Posts Welcomed

By ·Updated Cell Phones · Motorcycles

If you have an article to publish on that relates to SIM cards or motorcycles, feel free to submit it for review by creating an account. What I’m Looking For Original and compelling content: I am looking for contributors who have a passion for writing. Your writing must be original, in your own words, and […]

My Personal Experience Using BOSS Revolution

By ·Updated Cell Phones

Before iPhone and Android apps existed, the only way to call international was by purchasing a calling card. Calling cards have a lot of drawbacks; they are an unreliable way to call international. The rates on these cards are outrages; if you don’t use your phone carf within a giving time period, the recurring daily fees […]

Lessons I Learned From My First Motorcycle Crash

By ·Updated Motorcycles

When it comes to motorcycle safety, I take it serious. Riding a motorcycle is not that hard to learn, in fact you can learn to ride within hours, but being a safe rider takes time and experience. I didn’t start practicing safe riding until I had my first crash and that’s when I realized it […]

7 Reasons Motorcycles are Better Than Cars

By ·Updated Motorcycles

A motorcycle owner knows full well the many advantages to riding versus driving. Whether you ride to commute, go on rides with your group, or make a vacation of it, riding a motorcycle is an experience like none other. A person who has never rode a motorcycle might assume that cars have an advantage over […]

How to Get Your Motorcycle Permit and License in California

By ·Updated Motorcycles

In this post, I will show you how I got my motorcycle permit and license in the shortest time possible. I’ll also show you how I showed up for my motorcycle riding test with confidence that I will pass and you can do the same thing, too. Motorcycle Written Test Expectations Before you can get […]