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BOSS Revolution FREE Call

By Edward Chavez
BOSS Revolution free calling

With BOSS Revolution you can call anywhere in the world for a flat rate without having to worry about unexpected fees. The service is called BOSS Revolution Pinless. Using this service is similar to using a phone card but much more convenient in the sense that you can recharge your account from home, your minutes never expire, and you get a free trial to call anywhere in the world.

  • Free trial
  • Minutes never expire
  • No hidden fees
  • Clear voice quality
  • Low rates

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How  BOSS Revolution Pinless Works

1.Register up to 10 phone numbers

Once you create a BOSS Revolution account, you can register up to 10 different phone numbers to use your account. That means that you can fund one account and have up to 10 family members call international from your account.

2. Call anywhere in the word

Once your account is setup, you start calling internationally by dialing an access number and then your destination number.

3. Recharge your account

Once your Free minutes are done, you can recharge your account by either going to a participating retail store or by topping up online. In addition to getting a free calling trial, you also get a $5 bonus on your first online auto recharge.

BOSS Revolution FREE Call

To get a BOSS Revolution free call, you can either download the free app or create an account.

After you have completed one the two options above, your account will be credited with a $1 free trial that is equivalent to 60 international minutes, varies by country.

Created a BOSS Revolution account is free. After your free calling trial is over, you can either setup auto recharge and get a $5 sign up bonus or you can discontinue the service if you are not satisfied.

There are a ton of companies offering international calling service, each with different calling rates. The best way to choose between these companies is by comparing their international calling rates.

When comparing BOSS Revolution rates to traditional phone card rates, keep in mind that phone cards charge a connection fee in addition to their flat rates.

Another key point to remember is that if you plan phone card fund usually expire after a few days while BOSS Revolution minutes never expire.

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