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Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile is a GSM service provider that runs on the T-Mobile network. They provide talk, text, data, international plans and great customer support.

How to Activate a SIM Card

I have been activating SIM cards for a very long time and the one thing I can say about SIM card activation is that it’s pretty much the same regardless of which carrier the SIM card belongs to. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have several options to activate your SIM […]

Who Has The Best Data Plan?

Who has the best data plan? Well, that depends on whether you’re searching for a data plan that has the best coverage and the best price or you’re just mainly concerned about the coverage and not as much on the price. Are you using your own phone or purchasing a new one? Should the data […]

Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plans – 2017

Looking for the cheapest prepaid phone plans for the year 2017? A lot of people are overpaying for their phones plans but you shouldn’t have to pay more for the same plan another provider has for a cheaper price! A handful of prepaid phone plans from numerous service providers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS were […]

Ultra Mobile Coverage Review

It’s no secret that the first thing a person shopping for cell phone service should look atΒ is coverage because what good is a service provider if it doesn’t have great coverage in your area. Ultra Mobile is a GSM service provider that runs on the T-Mobile network. With that being said, you shouldn’t expect Ultra […]

How to Change Ultra Mobile Number

ChangingΒ your Ultra Mobile number is usually free, but sometimes there’s a fee. There are a lot of reason to why someone might want to change their Ultra Mobile phone number. For instance, you might have gotten a different area code than what you wanted. This can happen if you have provided a zip code — […]

How to Activate Ultra Mobile SIM Card

Activate Ultra Mobile SIM card with a new number or by transferring your existing number–the process is simple. Which SIM card do you want to activate? Regular SIM card ( purple ) that requires you to pay for the first month of service in advance Preloaded SIM card ( orange ) that is equipped with […]