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Rebtel Access Numbers

Scroll through the list of Rebtel access numbers and choose one that is local to you. The Rebtel access numbers are sorted by country name…

No access number to call from Tonga
Boss Revolution Services
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Boss Revolution Access Numbers

Using a local access number can give you better calling rates. Browse down the list of Boss Revolution access numbers and click on your local…


How to use for xlite app

Tell me if you get
It is so frustrating to have to dial the access number and then wait for the promotion announcement to end before I can place a call. I used boss revolution for nearly 2 years and waited for an update to make using access numbers easier to dial. I hope boss revolution changes this soon sometimes you just want to make a fast call and don't want to wait for the announcement to end before you can dial your destination number.
What a great list to reference. I'll save it to my bookmarks. Thanks!
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How to Activate a SIM Card

Activating a SIM card online can make switching carriers a lot easier, and in most cases, eliminate the need to pay an activation fee.

Thank you very much for the information provided
Does ultra mobile still carry preloaded sim cards?
They have them on ebay
Boss Revolution Services
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Boss Revolution International Calling Plans

There are many options for calling international, including free apps such as Facebook, Viber, and Whatsapp, yet not many people still pay for calling international.…

What's the difference between the $5 plan and call me?
These are two distinct plans. The $5 plan gives unlimited call to select destination while the Call Me plan gives you a local number to a select destination so that recipients in that countey can call you locally.
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Who Has the Best Data Plan for Cell Phones? — April 2021

For most of us, the best data plan means unlimited or high allowance data, good coverage, and a fair price. In this post, I will…

What if I did not purchase a plan for simple mobile, for few months? The sim will be de activated?
Once service is disconnected, the sim is not good
2 min read

Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plans - April 2021

I've done the work for you and analized all the well known prepaid plans and sorted them based on category and price.

Note that although Net10 resells all four carriers, it will put you on the network it thinks will work best for you, as Prepaid Phone News editor Dennis Bournique explains in a helpful post .
Thanks for sharing. Dennis Knows his stuff.
great stuff! Definantly going to look into freedom pops free basic plan
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Ultra Mobile Coverage Review

Ultra Mobile's coverage is as good as T-mobile's coverage can get

Are you kidding me? After I disable roaming data, I charged $1 within 3 hours! I will tell my story to others!
Never had service with ultra but considering to give them a try. All I need is talk and text so I'm not worried about 4g Coverage.
They have 4G coverage, but it depends on your area.
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How to Change Your Ultra Mobile Number

Changing your Ultra Mobile number is usually free, but sometimes there's a fee.


I keep getting conflicting answers from Ultra Mobile.  The latest is I have to have a new account to port an existing number that I have with another carrier.  They will not allow me to port to my existing account that I paid in full for for one year.  Thus I would have to pay twice.  They tell me I can go to aretail store.  In researching that in Central Florida it appears that what they list as there stores are really representing another carrier or are a repair shop.  For a carrier that seemed to have good reviews, I winder if they were valid.

Ultra changed my phone number for free. You have to ask
I too get calls from an auto - insurance company about someone that was their customer and probably the previous owner of my current phone number and of late so many strange numbers call me. probably some just scammers and I feel bothered by the same.
I have never got a call from a collection agency but i did get a call once form an insurance company asking for Williams, i think. maybe they do????
8 min read

Simple Mobile Reviews (Coverage, Customer Support, Plans, and Phones)

Consider these factors before choosing a cell phone service provider.

Most frustrating phone service ever. DON'T BUY. I think posting an article like this one, based on nominal information supplied by the company is not ethical. The company is not providing what it promises.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, Deceptive Policies, Price For Service Is To High, You Can Get Better And Cheaper Out There. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT OR USE ANY SERVICE FROM SIMPLE MOBILE AGAIN! They Were So Rude To Me That I'm Now Making It A Mission To Post ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE I Can Find About This MONEY GRUDGING Company. BEWARE; If You Purchase A Simple Mobile Phone You Have To Keep Service With Them For A Year Before They Will Even Considering Unlocking the phone so you can then use it with another service provider and NO WHERE On the package, website or instore does it state that. According to the internet this is against the law but go figure, If I can keep 10 potential customers from buying from them it will have been worth my time telling the facts : )
Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) and I understand your frustration.
Is this a review or an AD?! SimpleMobil changes my plan from 10g LTE to unlimited 3G without telling me they gonna change it or they already changed it. I figured it out when I noticed a huge drop in data speed, I did research and I found they change my plan to unlimited. Dont let them fools you and check the speed using one of the manipulated speed check apps like speedtest go and do download something, for example an app from app store or google play store, you will notice that the speed is very slow and there is no way you can call it LTE or even 4G. Not to mention YouTube, I got the $50 10G because I watch a lot of YouTube video and I have a QHD phone why I cant eaven watch them in regular HD 720?!! I have to watch videos in SD Standard Definition 10 years old video quality?!! Its so bad you did that. And the way you promot it is like you are giving us a good thing NO you didn't you basically took something very important which is the speed im may case and gave me unlimited data which I will never use because I'm already on 10GB plan and there is no way I use them all throughout the month.
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How to Activate a Simple Mobile SIM Card

Activating a Simple Mobile SIM card is easy. There are three ways to do it: online, over the phone, or at a retailer store.

Paid for airtime on Friday how do I get a pin to continue activation
You should have got your airtime pin when you checked out
I am using simple sim card last one month I can use internet perfectly. But I cant make any international calls from my phone I couldn't even make one single call. I spoke with customer care couple of time they couldn't fix it.everytime I call through simple app from my iPhone automatically call going together with customercare number and call drop anybody can help me .
7 min read

How to Activate an Ultra Mobile SIM Card

This post will walk you through the process of activating your Ultra Mobile SIM card. A SIM card is typically activating with a new number…

I bought an Ultra Mobile sim card that was already active on another line. What should I do?