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Boss Revolution Services

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Boss Revolution Services
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Boss Revolution Access Numbers

Using a local access number can give you better calling rates. Browse down the list of Boss Revolution access numbers and click on your local…


How to use for xlite app

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It is so frustrating to have to dial the access number and then wait for the promotion announcement to end before I can place a call. I used boss revolution for nearly 2 years and waited for an update to make using access numbers easier to dial. I hope boss revolution changes this soon sometimes you just want to make a fast call and don't want to wait for the announcement to end before you can dial your destination number.
What a great list to reference. I'll save it to my bookmarks. Thanks!
Boss Revolution Services
6 min read

Boss Revolution International Calling Plans

There are many options for calling international, including free apps such as Facebook, Viber, and Whatsapp, yet not many people still pay for calling international.…

What's the difference between the $5 plan and call me?
These are two distinct plans. The $5 plan gives unlimited call to select destination while the Call Me plan gives you a local number to a select destination so that recipients in that countey can call you locally.