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Blogging Guide

Publishing a post on helpfulpost is fast, easy, and straightforward. Don’t worry too much about guidelines because we can help as long as you have the right mindset towards providing useful content.

Blogging Guidelines

Your post should aim to answer a question

It is Ok if your post title is not formatted as a question. The aim is to craft a post that aims to answer a question

Your first–and maybe second paragraph–should be an introduction. The following paragraph should briefly, clearly, and explicitly convey your message.

After conveying your message, start writing your body paragraphs using appropriate subheadings and end your post with a conclusion, but a conclusion might not be appropriate in some instances.

Your post should be original and compelling

Your writing must be original, in your own words, and not plagiarized. That is the first thing that gets looked at and determines your credibility as an author or contributor on helpfulpost.

Know your audience

The difference between a good writer and an effective writer is about getting your audience to understand your message. Use terminology and wording that is appropriate for your audience. Check your post for grammar errors

Proofread your writing and double-check for grammar errors. Grammerly might help.

Be concise and to the point

Use headings and paragraphs effectively. Don't drag it out for the sole purpose of producing a longer post.

Use links carefully

Don’t overstuff your post with links; use them when it is relevant. An article with mostly links does not add any value to the reader. You can link back to your helpfulpost, just making it appropriate, and don't link to spammy sites.

Choose images carefully

Include as many images as your post requires. The recommended size for images is 1280px wide by any height.

It is always best to use your own images; however, when that is not possible, follow these guidelines:

  • Assume all images are protected.
  • Use your own or CC0 licensed images
  • Try searching sites like They have many CC0 licensed images that don’t require attribution and are allowed for commercial use.
  • Make sure to include proper attribution with your image if it’s required.
Respond to comments

It is adviced that you keep your post alive by responding to comments.

You should include an author bio

Although not required, your bio should be short and compelling—around 50-words. Write in the first or third person, whichever suits you best.

You might not like this, but...

You agree to give helpfulpost the copyright ownership of your post. However, you can delete your post at any time without any restrictions by logging in to your account. That implies that helpfulpost can edit, delete, or monetize your post at any given time.

Site will not abuse your post. These requirements are for safeguarding against any disputes.

Please note that:

Post in violation of these guidlines exist because they were written before the guidliens were adapted. They are gradully being updated.

How to Submit a Post

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