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Nowadays, we have many options to call international. Some use the international add-ons provided by their cell phone service provider, some use phone cards, and others use apps, such as Viber, WhatsApp, etc. In some situations, though, the listed options are not ideal for everyone because some recipients in remote areas do not have an internet connection or the calling rates maybe too high.

Before smartphones, calling cards provided an affordable way to call International. Nowadays, A cheaper alternative to using phone cards for call international is Boss Revolution International calling services. You can call international using Boss Revolution Pinless or the Boss Revolution’s unlimited $5 plan.

Boss Revolution $5 Unlimited Plan

For a flat $5 a month with no contract, you can place unlimited international calls to over 50 countries including placing calls to mobile phones in more than 25 destinations.

To get started with Boss Revolution unlimited international calling, first make sure that your country is included. Next, check that a cell phone icon appears next to the country you are calling if you plan to call a cell phone number.

If your calling destinations are supported by the $5 Unlimited Plan, you can purchase it by creating a Boss Revolution account or by logging in, if you are an existing customer.

Alternatively,  you can use Boss Revolution Pinless to place international calls if the $5 Unlimted plan does not include your calling destinations.

With Boss Revolution Pinless, you are charged per minute rates to call anywhere in the word. Unlike calling cards, the Pinless minutes you purchase will never expire. You can check the rates for your country by visiting this page.

You can get started with Boss Revolution Pinless by requesting a $1 free trial. If you are satisfied with the service, you can add funds to your account online using a credit card or by topping up at a retail store.

To Place an international call using Boss Revolution Pinless, you’ll need to dial an access number and then the number you wish to call.

For Pinless users, you can earn free minutes to call international by referring new users to try out Boss Revolution. To do this, you’ll need to login to your account and grab your referral code. Anyone who uses your referral code to sign up gets a $1 free trial. If that user decides to top up later you earn free minutes, which is equivalent to 10% of their top-up amount.

Boss Revolution International Calling

You can receive unlimited international calls by paying a flat monthly rate. When someone calls you from another country, they are charged the same rate by their carrier as if they are calling a local number in their home country. This service is called CALL ME.

This is how it works:

  • You choose the country and city you wish to get calls from
  • You pay a flat, no contract monthly rate
  • You get a local number to that country
  • You give your local number to the people from that country who you wish to receive calls from
  • When someone calls the number you gave them, their call is forwarded to your U.S. based number

Only several countries are supported by CALL ME. They are:

However, the monthly rate is unique to each country. So, to know how much your monthly rate is going to be, you’ll need to select your country and city before you can see your monthly rate. Typically, the price for CALL ME is $9.99 a month.

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What’s the difference between the $5 plan and call me?

These are two distinct plans. The $5 plan gives unlimited call to select destination while the Call Me plan gives you a local number to a select destination so that recipients in that countey can call you locally.