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How to Change Your Ultra Mobile Number

Changing your Ultra Mobile number is usually free, but sometimes there’s a fee.

There are many why someone would want to change their Ultra Mobile phone number. For instance, your phone number’s area code is different from your area of residence. That can happen if you activated your SIM card using a zipcode outside of your area. Another reason is that your getting calls from people you don’t know, which can be traced to having a recycled phone number.

Follow the Steps to Change Ultra Mobile Number

According to Ultra Mobile, the only way to change a number is by calling customer support. Currently, an online option is not available. That is because you have to speak with an agent to verify your account.

1. Call 1-888-777-0446

Start by calling the number above and then select the option to speak with an agent. Once you are connected to an agent and they have verified your account, inform them that you wish to change your Ultra Mobile number.

You will be given the option to select a new number from a set of generated numbers.

2. Changing your area code

If you also wish to change your area code, let the customer service agent know that that’s what you want. The agent will ask for your zip code. The zip code you provide will determine your area code. For example, if you want a Los Angeles area code, which is 323, you should provide the agent with a zip code that is within the 323 area code, which is a 90001 zip code. A 93256 area code will generate a 559 area code, and so on.

Also, you can’t just change your area code and still keep the same number. Your phone number will change if you change your area code, so keep that in mind.

3. Changing a ported number

Typically, there is no fee for changing your Ultra Mobile number; however, there is a fee if your number was ported or transferred from another service provider. The fee is around $30.

How You Can change Ultra Mobile Number For Free

1. Recycled phone number

Have you been getting calls from people you don’t know? It could be the result of having a recycled phone number.

That is why Ultra Mobile and other prepaid providers are willing to change your number for free. You have to tell them that you are getting calls from random people, and they won’t charge you.

2. First-time changing numbers

Additionally, Ultra Mobile will not charge you a fee if it’s your first time changing your phone number. However, there will be a fee if you change your number frequently.

Sometimes it just depends on the customer service agent you talk to if you have a good enough reason.

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