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Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plans – April 2021

Cheapest prepaid phone plans

I’ve done the work for you and analized all the well known prepaid plans and sorted them based on category and price.

You should reference this post because I keep it updated and have carefully evaluated every plan I list. The table of contents below should help narrow down your search.

Cheapest Prepaid Unlimited Data Plans

Every prepaid service provider has an unlimited data plan. The difference between the plans could be price, perks, and speed. In this section, I will sort the cheapest prepaid unlimited data plans based on price and service provider reliability.

Prepaid Plans With High Data Allowance

The prepaid plans in this section do not have unlimited data, but they have a high amount to satisfy the consumption of many users. Browse the list below which contains the cheapest prepaid plans with a high data allowance of 4GB and more.

Cheapest Prepaid Talk and Text Plans

These prepaid plans are priced significantly cheaper than other plans because the only feature they should have is talk and text, preferably unlimited. However, some of these plans may contain features, such as data, international capabilities, and other perks that are considered “extras.”

Cheapest Prepaid Talk Only Plans

The goal here is to filter all the prepaid plans that I have analyzed to include the cheapest talk-only plans. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the prepaid plans in this section should not have any other feature besides talk.


This post aimed to provide a list of the cheapest prepaid plans in the market today. The prepaid plans were organized based on specific requirements, such as cheapest prepaid talk and text and cheapest prepaid data plans.

Let me know your take on how I filtered these plans so that I can improve. You can interact with this post by using the helpful buttons below and by commenting.

great stuff! Definantly going to look into freedom pops free basic plan
Note that although Net10 resells all four carriers, it will put you on the network it thinks will work best for you, as Prepaid Phone News editor Dennis Bournique explains in a helpful post .
Thanks for sharing. Dennis Knows his stuff.