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Find out how to monetize your guest blog on helpfulpost.

If you have an article to publish on Helpfulpost that relates to cellphones, cellphone service, international calling, or SIM cards, feel free to submit it for review through our contact page.

Monetizing Your Post

As an incentive to encourage authors to post on helpfulpost.com, a monetization program is being developed for articles that adhere to helpfulpost’s guest blogging guidelines.

The program permits authors to insert one Adsense ad per 500 words.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Original and compelling content:  Your writing must be original, in your own words, and not plagiarized from all around the web. This is the first thing I look for when receiving an article for review.

Grammar is very important. Proofread your writing and double-check for grammar errors.

Effective writing: There is a difference between a good writer and an effective writer. Being an effective writer is not about using big words, It’s about getting your audience to understand your message.

Be concise and precise. Use headings and paragraphs effectively. Include images and videos if you feel it will add more clarity to your writing.

Links and sources: Don’t overstuff you’re writing with links. Only use them when it is relevant to do so. An article with mostly links does not add any value to the reader.

You should only link to reliable sources. Google penalizes sites that link to spammy sites, and I don’t want that here. You can link back to your own website if it makes sense.

A single image is worth a thousand words. Include as many images as your post requires. The minimum is at least one image, which will be used as the featured image for your post. The recommended size for the featured image is 1280px wide by any height.

Copyright is a tricky subject. It is always best to use your own images; however, when that’s not  possible, follow these guidelines:

  • Assume all images are protected.
  • Use your own or CC0 licensed images
  • Try searching sites like Pixabay.com. They have many CC0 licensed images that don’t require attribution and are allowed for commercial use.
  • Make sure to include proper attribution with your image if it’s required.

Respond to comments: Generally, you want to give people advice on whatever it is your writing about.

Share your post: After your post is published, I recommend sharing it on your social media profiles. This will help it get more exposure.

Tags: We will take care of tagging your post.


  1. A short author bio. Your bio should be short and compelling – around 50 words. Write in the first or third person, whichever suits you best.
  2. By submitting an article to Helpful Post, you agree to give us the copyright ownership of your article. However, you can delete your guest post at any time with no restrictions.

Notice: By submitting a guest post to helpfulpost.com, you give us the right to edit, delete, or monetize your guest post at any given time.

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