How Godaddy Lost Me as a Customer


Godaddy lost me as a customer forever. They got me good, but I got them back.

Before I migrated my website to Godaddy, I was with Bluehost. The reason I left Bluehost was that  I couldn’t automatically install anything from Mojo marketplace, manual install was my only option. I called Bluehost — thinking that it was going to be an easy fix — but after months of calling, they still couldn’t fix the problem.


In conclusion, they gave up trying and told me that I would need to continue installing whatever I needed from Mojo marketplace manually. I said, “well what about the ‘one click install’ you guys advertise”? They replied, “It’s complimentary”! So, I left them and switched to Godaddy.

After I purchased a Managed WordPress hosting plan, migrated my website files, and transferred my domain — my website was up and running on Godaddy servers.

The Reason I left Godaddy

I tried to upload my custom theme via FTP, but the upload would always time out after 20 seconds. On a Managed WordPress plan, there is no cPanel to upload the files from, so FTP was my only choice.

I couldn’t even save quick changes I made to my custom theme through the WordPress admin.

I tried to troubleshoot the issue on my own but soon gave up and called Godaddy for help.

On the first call, they asked me to wait a few days because the domain transfer can take up to 7 days till all the nameservers are pointing to Godaddy.

Seven days later the problem wasn’t fixed, so I called again. They tinkered around for a bit, changed a few file permissions, and gave me a new URL to upload the files to but the results were the same.

At the end of the call, they claimed that the upload was timing out because I had a slow internet connection, but my internet upload speed is about 12 Mbps, which is considerably good.

Although I knew my internet speed was not the issue — because it never was with Bluehost — I took my laptop to my brother’s house, who had a better internet plan than I did, but the issue was unresolved.

After the passing of forty days, the issue was still not resolved, so I politely asked Godaddy for a refund. They replied saying that I do not qualify for a refund because it was outside the 30-day money back guarantee.

The representative put me on hold and to see if her supervisor can grant me a refund, but the answer was no! I tried to reason with them but to no avail.

I would have kept my account if I was able to upload files, and I think it’s only fair that I get a refund if Godaddy is unable to fix the problem. Why would I stay with a company that couldn’t deliver what I paid for?

If I had known they weren’t going to be able to fix the problem, I would have canceled my account on the first week. I was extremely upset, so I contacted my bank. They reversed the charge and mentioned that Godaddy has 60 days or so to challenge the dispute. Three months passed and the money was still in my bank account.

All Godaddy had to do was fix the uploading issue — they failed miserably, though.

Godaddy is a horrible hosting company that does not take it’s customers very seriously. Despite the fact that I left Bluehost, I would still recommend them over Godaddy anytime.

Godaddy Alternatives

〉 SiteGround is recommended by WordPress. They provide shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. They are a reliable hosting company that takes good care of their customers. They have the best 24/7 customer support and respond to messages relatively faster than other hosts.

〉 DreamHost is another great host that is rated the best by PC Mag for reliability, tech support, and likelihood to recommend. DreamHost is also a WordPress recommend hosting company.

DreamHost has four type of hosting plans: Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers. Each of these plans has a 100% uptime guarantee and DreamHost will even issue a day’s credit for every interrupted hour of service.

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