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How to Activate a Simple Mobile SIM Card

activating a simple mobile sim card with a new number or transferring your existing number

Activating a Simple Mobile SIM card is easy. There are three ways to do it: online, over the phone, or at a retailer store.

I will also go over programming the APN settings and the type of phones compatible with Simple Mobile.

Lastly, I will show you how to get the first month of service on any plan for half off when you activate your Simple Mobile SIM card through a Simple Mobile retailer.

Phones that are Compatible With Simple Mobile Service

SIMPLE Mobile is a GSM service provider that operates on the T-Mobile network. This means you’ll need to use a T-Mobile branded or unlocked GSM phone with your Simple Mobile service.

Note: it is not possible to activate the APN settings on a GSM phone that is not T-Mobile branded, although it might just work for calling and texting.

Tip for Unlocking Your AT&T Cell Phone to Use With Simple Mobile.

If you have a carrier-locked AT&T branded cell phone that you want to use with your Simple Mobile service you’ll first need to unlock it for the data to work. To unlock your AT&T cell phone,  it must not be on an active contract with AT&T or blacklisted.

An easy and free way to unlock your AT&T cell phone is to get an unlock code from AT&T by contacting their customer support. But remember, you can only use this method if your phone is not blacklisted or on an active contract.

Is your phone’s IMEI clean? Before you call AT&T, you should make sure that your phone is not blacklisted. That should be the first thing to do if the phone was passed down to you or if you bought it from an online marketplace. Use this online tool to check if your device’s IMEI number is clean.

Here’s how to get your IMEI number: using your phone’s keypad, dial *#06# to get your IMEI number. Alternatively, you can get your IMEI by navigating to the settings tab.

Another way to unlock your AT&T device is by purchasing the code from a third party. There are various unlocking companies (online and offline) that can unlock your phone. Search Google for more info on using this approach.

Alternatively, you can use a locked GSM phone with Simple Mobile for just talk & text—no data. But before your Simple Mobile service can work on these types of phones, you will need to enable GSM capability through your device’s settings if the phone supports both CDMA and GSM technologies.

Note: if you can’t find the setting that switches your CDMA cell phone to GSM, then, most likely, the phone is not GSM compatible.

Transferring Your Existing Number to Simple Mobile

Activating a SIM card with a new number is a lot easier than porting an existing number. But, before you begin, you’ll need to contact your current carrier to get your account number and password. Once you have that information in hand, you can proceed with any of the activation options below.

Note: if you’re on a contract, you’ll need your account number and password, account holder’s first and last name, address on file, and SSN before transferring your number to another carrier.

Preparation to Activate Your SIM Card

Do this before activating your Simple Mobile Sim Card:

  • Find the 18-digit SIM number.
  • Make certain that your SIM card fits the phone’s SIM slot.

Some SIM cards are dual punch, meaning they are standard size but can be punched into a micro size. Most phones now use nano-sized SIM cards, so size shouldn’t be a problem.

Simple Mobile dual punch SIM card
Dual-punch SIM card

Alternatively, you can cut your SIM card manually or by buying a SIM card cutter. If you’re cutting manually, make sure you’re only cutting from the plastic part of the SIM card and not the chip.

Activating Your Simple Mobile SIM Card Over the Phone

If you don’t have internet access, you can call 877-878-7908 to activate your SIM card by following the prompts; it’s a simple process. If you make a mistake, you can choose to speak to a live representative; however, note that TracFone subsidiaries have extremely long telephone wait-times, but they’re slowly improving.

To activate your Simple Mobile SIM card over the phone, follow the prompts but make certain to indicate you’re transferring your existing number if that is what you want. If you don’t hear this option early in the activation process, the system probably assumes you want a new number.

Even when you speak to a representative, tell them that you want to transfer your number; otherwise, they will continue activating your SIM card under the impression that you want a new number.

Activating Your SIM Card on the SIMPLE Mobile Website

To activate your Simple Mobile SIM card online, go to Simple Mobile, and on the activation screen, choose an option (1) activate a Simple Mobile phone (2) bring your own phone. On the next screen, enter your 19-digit SIM card number and then choose and pay for a service plan on the following screen.

If you’re transferring your current number to Simple Mobile, remember to contact your current carrier to release your number for transfer to another carrier and get your account number and password.

Activating Your Simple Mobile SIM Card at a Retail Store

Activating your Simple Mobile SIM card at an authorized retail location is the easiest of all three activation methods because there’s human support. Here’s what you should consider before going to a Simple Mobile retailer (1) call to ask if they are an authorized retailer (2) ask if they charge an activation fee and how much (3) ask if programming the APN is part of the activation (4) if applicable, ask if you required to purchase a SIM card from them.

Programming Your APN Settings

APN and data settings for Simple Mobile

Programming your Access Point Name (APN) settings isn’t as hard as it sounds.

To program your Simple Mobile APN, navigate the phone’s settings screen and locate the APN settings tap. Depending on your device, the APN settings are normally under Network settings. Under the APN settings tab, create a new Access Point Name and fill out the fields based on this page.

Choose a Simple Mobile Plan Before Activating Your SIM Card

Before you can activate your SIM card, you will need to choose a service plan. Below is a list of Simple Mobile’s prepaid plans for your reference.

Getting Your First Month of Service for Half Off

Sadly, Prepaid USA is no longer offering this deal.

To get your first month of service for half off, purchase your Simple Mobile SIM card through Prepaid USA. The SIM card only costs one penny, but the shipping charge is $4.99, which means you’ll be paying $5 for the SIM card.

Once you buy the SIM card, you will get a message from Prepaid USA through Amazon asking if you would like to activate your SIM card for free and get your first month of service for half off.

Prepaid USA will also ask for your area code and the Simple Mobile plan of your choice. If you choose to go with the $50 plan, you’ll only pay $25 or $30 for the $60 plan.

If you’re transferring an existing number from another carrier to Simple Mobile, provide PrepaidUSA with your account number and password.

Never trust A marketplace seller with your sensitive information, such as your SSN. Instead, call Simple mobile or go to their website if you’re porting your existing number from a contract carrier.

Need help activating new simple mobile phone bought at Target in Hawaii. How Long will ... website is undergoing maintenance...My Son lives on another island and his flight leaves in 6hrs Can you Help Me...
If Simple Mobile's website is unavailable, you can always give them a call at 877.878.7908. It's always a good idea to call tech support for help when you are having problems activating your device. Hope everything works out for you, Daris.
How can i know my new simple mobile number
You can find your phone number by going to settings > about phone > status. The path may vary from phone to phone. Make sure that your SIM card is in the SIM slot, though. Alternatively, you can just call another cell phone.
SIMPLE Mobile reserves the right to terminate your service for unauthorized or abnormal usage.
Will I be able to use my sim card from my lg840g tracfone in my iPhone se tracfone and transfer minutes over?
What if I did not purchase a plan,for simple mobile, for a few months? Will the sim be de activated?
Airtime PIN is 754292075905814
Can you reactive a deactivated SIM. What happens to the plan number used
It doesn't seem possible to reactivate a deactivated sim-card. A deactivated sim-card doesn't always mean that the account associated with the sim card is inactive. If that's the case, you can simply request a new sim card for your account. I hope that helps.
I am using simple sim card last one month I can use internet perfectly. But I cant make any international calls from my phone I couldn't even make one single call. I spoke with customer care couple of time they couldn't fix it.everytime I call through simple app from my iPhone automatically call going together with customercare number and call drop anybody can help me .
Paid for airtime on Friday how do I get a pin to continue activation
You should have got your airtime pin when you checked out