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How to Become a BOSS Revolution Retailer

This post will walk you through the process of becoming an authorized BOSS Revolution retailer.

Boss Revolution Sales Portal

Whether you operate a retail store or a home-based business, BOSS Revolution can be a profitable addition to your existing services. To become a Boss Revolution Retailer, use the list of Boss Revolution master agents to request an application but consider your commission rate and advertising material before signing up. Continue reading to learn more about product commissions and other Boss Revolution services that require special approval.

BOSS Revolution retailers have access to a variety of services such as international calling, bill payment, and Money Transfer. A brick-and-mortar store is not a requirement to become a retailer.

Need to place an international call? Find your Boss Revolution access number.

Contact Boss Revolution or a Master Agent to Become a Retailer

The first step to becoming a Boss Revolution retailer is to contact Boss Revolution directly, a master agent, or distributor. You can contact a master agent or distributor by searching Google for the term “BOSS Revolution master agents”, “BOSS Revolution Distributors,”, or by using our recommended list of Boss Revolution master agents. Alternatively, you can register directly through Boss Revolution. Regardless of how you become an authorized retailer, the onboarding process and the application to fill out are similar.

The application is typically a page long. You will be required to provide general information about yourself and your company. Also, you must include a credit card on the application. The system will not allow an account to be created if there is no credit card information associated with the application.

A credit card is required to pay for the Boss Revolution purchases you’ll sell. If a customer pays $20 for an international top-up and your retailer commission on that sale is 20%, your credit card will be charged $16 and you’ll collect $20 from the customer.

Once you return your completed application, you should have an active account in as little as 1-2 business days.

As a side note, Boss Revolution, master agents, and distributors operate independently from each other, so make sure they provide you with training and advertising collateral.

Boss Revolution Distributor

A Boss Revolution distributor operates similarly to a master agent. They are both authorized to open retailer accounts, and they both earn a commission from the sales made by their retailers.

The difference between a master agent and distributor is that a distributor operates under a master agent while a master agent operates directly under Boss Revolution. As a retailer, you won’t earn a higher commission rate by directly signing up through Boss Revolution or a master agent instead of a distributor.

While both distributors and master agents are free to set the commission rate of their retailers, they must follow strict guidelines set forth by Boss Revolution. That helps keep a balance so that a channel does not have an advantage over the other.

Recommended Boss Revolution Master Agents 

Comlink Wireless is a Boss Revolution master agent. The person behind Comlink Wireless is Steve. If your goal is to become a retailer or distributor, then Steve is your guy (805-20641-3080). He will get you a distributor account with few requirements compared to other master agents.

Other Boss Revolution master agents exist, but I’ve only had the chance to work with Comlink Wireless.

Boss Revolution POS Systems for Selling Services

POS System

Making sales is easy, especially with many ways to access the POS system.

The Boss Revolution kiosk is a perfect solution for heavy traffic stores, which is a great way to give your customers the option to skip waiting in line. The Kiosk features the same services available on your traditional POS system. With a user-friendly interaction, the kiosk accepts bills and prints receipts.

The mobile portal is a great way to make sales on the go and is especially useful for BOSS Revolution sellers who do not have a storefront. With a responsive design, the mobile portal is easy to navigate and offers the same features the desktop version offers.

The Boss Revolution Desktop Portal is all you need to make sales if you have an internet connection in your retail location or home.

Phone Access is an alternative option. Don’t let a computer and internet access get in the way of selling BOSS Revolution. The Sales Portal can be accessed over the phone by dialing a toll-free number or a designated phone number that recognizes your retail account.

This works by making selections over the phone through an automated system.

How a Boss Revolution Retailer Earns Commission

When you log into your account, you will notice that it does not include Bill Payment and Money Transfer. This is normal as these services require a separate application, but you’ll have access to Boss Revolution Pinless and international top-ups.

To add Bill Payment and Money Transfer to your Boss Revolution account, reach out to your distributor, master agent, or Boss Revolution. They will assist you or at least guide you in the right direction.

Below is a list of all the BOSS Revolution Services from which you can earn a commission.

Boss Revolution Pinless

Your customers can add minutes to their Boss Revolution account to call international. The service is called Boss Revolution Pinless, which advertises cheaper international calling rates than traditional calling cards.

Callings cards have a life span of about a week before the minutes are eaten up by calling fees. With BOSS Revolution Pinless, there are no fees to worry about; a true pay-as-you-go way to call international.

As a retailer, you can give your customers free trials to test out Boss Revolution Pinless. All you need is their phone number.

To give a free trial follow these steps:

  1. Ask your customers if they would like a $1 free trial to call international
  2. Log in to your retailer account and click on the Pinless tab
  3. Enter your customer’s phone number and select “create an account with a $1 free trial.”

Your customer will receive a greeting text message with instructions on how to place a call.

As a retailer, you should be able to help new customers use Boss Revolution to call international. To do that, start by dialing an access number, and when prompted, dial the number you wish to call.

When you place an international call, you can get better rates by choosing the right access number. You can use any Boss Revolution access number to place a call, but to get the best rates, choose a number designated to your area.

Money Transfer

Sending money from the US to overseas is simple and convenient with Boss Revolution Money Transfer. Friends and family overseas can receive transactions without having a bank account or credit card. The availability of funds is within minutes.

Funds can be received at a participating retail store, a bank, or home delivery in the form of either cash or direct despot.

Pick up stations are available in Latin America and quickly expanding to Africa and the other targeted continents. On each transfer, BOSS Revolution customers get a free international call to notify the recipient of the transfer.

Get in touch with your master agent if this is a service you’d like to carry.

Call ME

CALL ME is an international feature that enables callers in the US to have a local number in their home country. This feature is inexpensive for frequent callers. When you subscribe to CALL ME, you get a dedicated international local number. People abroad can call you the same way they call a local number.

Calls are unlimited with flat rates and no-contract. CALL ME does not use an internet connection; therefore, you do not need to have an internet data plan.

To get more information about this feature, contact your master agent or call BOSS Revolution Toll free.

International Top Up

International Mobile Top-Up allows you to add minutes to phone numbers of friends and family outside the US.

Many service providers are supported such as Tigo, Telcel, Movistar, and much more. Usually, a free trial is available for every carrier so that your customers can try the service before they buy.

Bill Payment and Domestic Top Up

BOSS Revolution doesn’t only offer international services. As a retailer, you also pay your customer’s domestic phone and utility bills.

How The BOSS Revolution Mobile App and Referral Program Affect Sales

The BOSS Revolution mobile APP and the referral program are not in the retailer’s best interest.

The mobile app gives the customer the option to replenish online, thus taking away potential sales from the retailer.

The referral program does not have an impact on driving away sales as the app does. All it does is reward the customer with a commission when they refer someone to Boss Revolution who ultimately makes an online purchase.

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