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There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for a cell phone plan and good coverage should be…

This review is based on my experience as a former customer and authorized retailer of Simple Mobile.

The following Simple Mobile reviews are discussed in this post:

There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for cell phone service. Coverage tops the list of factors, but a suitable cell phone plan at the right price is just as important. People tend to forget to consider good customer service when they find a cell phone plan that’s within their budget or when they are enticed with a limited-time promotion.

When the price is the only considered factor for choosing cell phone service, the buyer ends up disappointed when they can’t customer support.

If you encounter a problem with your cell phone service, how fast do you expect it to get fixed? What’s the longest time you are willing to be left on hold? All these questions should be considered before choosing a cell phone provider.

A Short Background About Simple Mobile.

Simple Mobile is owned by America Movil, one of the largest corporations in the world with over 20 million subscribers. Simple Mobile was founded in 2009 and acquired by America Movil as a TracPhone subsidary in 2012.

Simple Mobile operates on the T-Mobile MVNO network and advertises unlimited and international plans.

Simple Mobile Coverage Review

When you shop cell phone service, shop coverage first! What’s the point of a having cell phone service  if you can’t use your phone without getting dropped calls or losing signal every time you serve the web?

Is Simple Mobile cover any good? The answer to this question depends on geographic location. Some carriers have good coverage in certain areas and terrible coverage in other areas.

I’ve activated many Simple Mobile plans for clients and the first thing we do is check the coverage map. It’s the practical thing to do. Often times, returning clients that I’ve onboarded to Simple Mobile disagree with what the coverage map shows.

In some areas, the coverage map shows strong coverage but it doesn’t seem like it when your in the area. Sometimes the lines are congested and evethough coverage can be reliable, heavy network traffic is the culprit but it’s common amongs all service providers.

According to Simple Mobile, you can optimize coverage by turning off your cell phone once a week for ten minutes. Doing so will help resolve network connectivity issues, loss of signal, and applications freezing.

This explains why Simple Mobile’s first troubleshooting step is to turn off your cell phone and than turn it back on after ten minutes. This troubleshooting tip ometimes worked and other times not.

Simple Mobile’s coverage map shows reliable service in almost every state excluding Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Take a look at Simple Mobile’s coverage map and see if they have coverage in your area. Zoom in and inspect the areas you’ll be using your phone in the most. You can aslo ask people who have Simple Mobile service in your area.

My take on Simple Mobile coverage is that it is not a reason to not get cell phone serice from Simple Mobile. It’s fairly decent and doesn’t differ too much from other prepaid serivce providers.

Simple Mobile Unlimited Data Plan Review

Simple Mobile has two unlimited data plans: one priced at $50 and the other priced at $60. These two plans are very similar in the services the have, and they are both listed on another of my posts as one of the cheapest prepaid phone plans.

All of Simple Mobile’s plans are no contract and require no credit check.

$50 plan review.

Recently, Simple Mobile only had one unlimited data plan, which is the $60 plan. Now, they have added a second unlimited data plan that cost only $50.

$50 — for unlimited talk, text, international features, and 4G LTE  data — is a good price and cheaper than most of the prepaid phone plans out there.

You can enroll in Auto Reup and the price drops to only $47.50 per billing cycle.

The only plan that comes close to Simple Mobile’s $50 plan would be Metro’s limited time offer $50 plan, which includes unlimited Talk, text, and 4G LTE data.

Nevertheless, Simple Mobile’s plan is still a better option because:

  1. Data is trully unlimited. MetroPCS depriortizes data speed after 30 GB but lets you listen to music without it counting against your data limit
  2. You get a discount for having enrolling in Auto Pay. You don’t get that option with MetroPCS
  3. It includes internatioanl features. Metro’s plan doesnt’
  • Talk & text
  • 4G LTE data
  • +International services
  • Talk & text
  • 4G LTE data
  • 8 GB hotspot
  • +International services

Simple Mobile 60 Dollar Plan Review

Simple Mobile’s $60 plan has been around for a long time and it only gets better over time.

The plans include unlimited talk, text, international services, 4G LTE data, and 8 GB for hotspot which the $50 plan does not include.

Additionally, this plan is eligible for a discount when you enroll in Auto Reup. The price with Auto Reup is $57 per 30 days.

How it compares.

With it’s price and service features this plan can be hard to beat. I was only able to find a few plans that are cheaper and possibly have the same services as Simple Mobile’s $60 plan.

  • Boost Mobile’s $50 data plan
  • Metros $50 data plan — limited time offer
  • Sprint’s Prepaid $50 data plan

Is Simple Mobile Truly Unlimited

Almost all service providers will slow down your connection when you go over your data capacity, typically anywhere from 22 – 30 GB in each billing cycle. Simple Mobile, on the other hand, does not — their unlimited data plans are truly unlimited.

For example, Boost Mobile will deprioritize data after 23 GB in a billing cycle. T-Mobile and MetroPCS deprioritize data after 30 GB, AT&T and Verizon deprioritize data after 22 GB.

Simple Mobile has truly unlimited data on their $50 and $60 plans.

Simple Mobile $40 Plan Review

Compared to other plans of the same type, Simple Mobile’s $40 plan does not stand out.

For example, H20 Wireless has a similar plan that is priced at $40, $36 with Auto Recharge. Simple Mobile’s $40 plan with Auto Reup is priced at $37.50

H20’s plan also includes 8 GB of data compared to Simple Mobile’s 4 GB of data. One drawback to H20’s $40 plan is that the 8 GB data allowance is only valid until June 30, 2017. After the promotion ends, the data allowance on H20’s plan is reduced to 3 GB.

Both plans include international calling features and data speed on both plans is reduced to 2G after the high-speed data allowance is used.

Simple Mobile $25 Plan Review

For this review, I will compare Simple Mobile’s $25 plan to other service provider’s plans that are in the same category.

This is a good price for unlimited talk and text, 1 GB of 4G LTE data, and unlimited 2G data thereafter. Additionally, the price for this plan is reduced to $23.75 with Auto Reup.

AT&T’s $30 plan, $25 with Auto Pay, does not include data while Simple Mobile’s plan has 1 GB of high-speed data and unlimited 2G speed thereafter.Based on price and plan services, Simple Mobile’s $25 plan is a better option than AT&T’s plan.

Only a few unlimited talk and text plans are cheaper than Simple Mobile’s $25 plan, which are:

  • Ultra Mobile’s $19 unlimited talk and text plan
  • Republic Wireless’ $15 unlimited talk and text plan

Does Simple Mobile Work in Mexico

Yes, Simple Mobile works in Mexico. In fact, all Simple Mobile 30-day plans include the following features:

  • Unlimited Talk & Text in the U.S.
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • Unlimited International Calling to landlines in 64 countries — up to 15 unique numbers
  • Unlimited International Calling to mobiles in Mexico, Canada, India, China and 16 more countries — up to 15 unique numbers

You can check if your country is supported by using this tool.

You can use any of Simple Mobile’s 30-day plans in Mexico the same way you would use your service in the U.S.

What you should know about international calling plans: According to Simple Mobile, “Each account is allowed to dial up to 15 unique international telephone numbers during a 30-day plan cycle, which resets each time a new plan is redeemed. Unlimited international calls are available to landline and mobile numbers in select destinations only, which are subject to change at any time. Calls must originate from the US, Puerto Rico, or Mexico.”

Always refer to the latest terms and conditions for up to date details.

Are Simple Mobile Phones Unlocked?

All phone sold on Simple Mobile’s affiliate partner are unlocked. Additionally, you can use any T-Mobile or ATT&T unlocked phone on any Simple Mobile plan, or any GSM unlocked device.

Keep in mind that even if you have an unlocked phone, you still have to program the APN settings.

Programming the Internet Access Point so that you can use your plan’s data package is easy. Programming the APN settings is different for each version of Andriod or IOS operating system your phone is running on.

Simple Mobile Customer Support

Simple mobile customer service agents are available 7 days a week 8 Am till 11:45 Pm EST. They can be reached at 1-877-878-7908.

A drawback to Simple Mobile’s customer service experience is that they don’t have a 24-hour online chat.

To pay your bill, you have several options:

  1. Enroll in Auto-reUp and have your credit card automatically charged every time your bill is due. This option is attractive because it gives you a discount on your monthly plan.
  2. Online. You will need a credit or debit card, phone number, and account pin number.

Activating Your Simple Mobile SIM Card

Simple Mobile charges .99c for their SIM cards although I think they should be free.

To get a better deal on your SIM card purchase and the first month of service, you can buy a preloaded SIM card on eBay or Amazon for a fraction of your plan’s price.

Activating a Simple Mobile SIM card is straight forward. You can do it on your own or have a Simple Mobile representative do it for you. Either way, you will need to choose a plan before hand.

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Most frustrating phone service ever. DON’T BUY. I think posting an article like this one, based on nominal information supplied by the company is not ethical. The company is not providing what it promises.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, Deceptive Policies, Price For Service Is To High, You Can Get Better And Cheaper Out There. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT OR USE ANY SERVICE FROM SIMPLE MOBILE AGAIN! They Were So Rude To Me That I’m Now Making It A Mission To Post ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE I Can Find About This MONEY GRUDGING Company. BEWARE; If You Purchase A Simple Mobile Phone You Have To Keep Service With Them For A Year Before They Will Even Considering Unlocking the phone so you can then use it with another service provider and NO WHERE On the package, website or instore does it state that. According to the internet this is against the law but go figure, If I can keep 10 potential customers from buying from them it will have been worth my time telling the facts : )

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) and I understand your frustration.

Is this a review or an AD?!

SimpleMobil changes my plan from 10g LTE to unlimited 3G without telling me they gonna change it or they already changed it. I figured it out when I noticed a huge drop in data speed, I did research and I found they change my plan to unlimited. Dont let them fools you and check the speed using one of the manipulated speed check apps like speedtest go and do download something, for example an app from app store or google play store, you will notice that the speed is very slow and there is no way you can call it LTE or even 4G. Not to mention YouTube, I got the $50 10G because I watch a lot of YouTube video and I have a QHD phone why I cant eaven watch them in regular HD 720?!! I have to watch videos in SD Standard Definition 10 years old video quality?!! Its so bad you did that. And the way you promot it is like you are giving us a good thing NO you didn’t you basically took something very important which is the speed im may case and gave me unlimited data which I will never use because I’m already on 10GB plan and there is no way I use them all throughout the month.

You turned my phone off without any kind of notice…… pls reconnect my phone…..

Kathy, try calling this number 1-877-878-7908

Hi this is Kathy………you turned my phone off without any kind of warning….. no text messages or phone calls……. pls reconnect my phone…….

I checked Simple Mobile’s coverage for the address you provided and it shows that they have coverage in your area. You mentioned that you have brought that to their attention so I’m guessing that they have walked you through powering off your devices so it can re-connect to their network. that’s a bummer that your not getting good reception, though!

the internet service is very poor here and I have always complained but nothing changes. 8300 sand point drive Houston

RIPPING OF the customers. Simple Mobile has the worst customer service in US. It’s piece of crap service. Very bad connection all the time. Can’t use hotspot tethering at all, they don’t refund anything even though it’s their mistake, they overcharge and steal you MBs if you have a 4gb or 10gb LTE plan. I had a a really bad experience with this company and my other friends too. Manager Jerry is very rood to all customer, when you call to a cuctomer service number asking for a solution, you’ll get transferred to some kind of Supervisor or Manager name Jerry, oh my god and he’s so so so RUDE, he even hangs up phones to the customers. This is a piece of shit…

Thanks for the feedback, John. You mentioned that Simple Mobile overcharges and steals data, how did that happen in your case?