Ultra Mobile Coverage Review


It’s no secret that the first thing a person shopping for cell phone service should look at is coverage because what good is a service provider if it doesn’t have great coverage in your area.

Ultra Mobile is a GSM service provider that runs on the T-Mobile network. With that being said, you shouldn’t expect Ultra Mobile’s coverage to be better than T-Mobile’s.

Ultra Mobile Coverage Review

Ultra Mobile coverage review — the good and the bad.

The bad part about Ultra Mobile’s coverage strength is that it’s nowhere near Verizon’s or AT&T’s, but you pay a lot less with Ultra Mobile.

Ultra Mobile supports 4G LTE, 4G, 3G, and 2G — the difference is speed. If your phone supports 4G LTE, you can serve the web on Ultra Mobile’s network at full speed.

Sometimes, it’s not that the service provider has bad coverage but the phone you are using either doesn’t support 4G LTE, has too many apps running, or it needs to reconnect to the network.

Ultra Mobile gives us a little tip on how to optimize our phones for speed on their network.

They suggest that you “Always turn your device off for 10 minutes every week to let it reset and clear memory. Turn off background apps that run in the background that are not critical.”

Coverage Map: The best way to get an idea of Ultra Mobile’s coverage strength in your area is by using their coverage map.

In the input bar type in your zip code and the map will zoom into that location. An indication of good coverage strength is if the area (and the surrounding areas) you’ll be using your phone in is all green.

Furthermore, you can click on the “My Places” tab and add up to five different destinations. Another useful trick is to click on the “Show route” option and a line will be drawn connecting your destination. This is especially useful if you do a lot of traveling.

As you can see from the image above, a line is drawn from my first destination which is Porterville, ca to my final destination which is Sacramento, ca. By doing this, I can get a good idea if service is available in all the areas I’ll be using my phone in.

Comparing Ultra Mobile’s coverage strength to Boost Mobile’s: Another way to find out if Ultra Mobile has good coverage in your area is by comparing their coverage strength to another provider’s coverage strength that you already had service with.

What I’m going to do is pull up Boost Mobile’s coverage map and compare it to Ultra Mobile’s. Since I already know that Boost Mobile has exceptional service in my area, I am going to pull up both coverage maps and compare the two.

On both maps, I am going to zoom into the areas I go to often, which are Tulare County, Fresno County, and Kern County.

By comparing both maps, I can see that Ultra Mobile has 4G LTE speed in all my areas, while Boost Mobile has a mix of LTE Plus, 4G LTE, and 3G distributing throughout my areas.

Since I am already familiar with Boost Mobile’s coverage strength and by comparing both maps, I can conclude that Ultra Mobile would probably be a better option for me.

One thing to always keep in mind is that each service provider has an advantage over the other in different areas. Take T-Mobile for example, they have the worst coverage in the west cost compared to Verizon and AT&T, but they have one of the best coverage in the east coast.

If you’ve used Ultra Mobile before, share your thoughts and tell us what you think of their coverage strength by leaving a comment below.

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Are you kidding me? After I disable roaming data, I charged $1 within 3 hours! I will tell my story to others!

Never had service with ultra but considering to give them a try. All I need is talk and text so I’m not worried about 4g Coverage.

Would like to hear your feedback when you do.