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Who Has the Best Data Plan for Cell Phones? — April 2021

Who has the best data plan?

For most of us, the best data plan means unlimited or high allowance data, good coverage, and a fair price. In this post, I will show you how I shop for the best cellular data plans.

My Favorite Data Plans

When I want unlimited data and excellent coverage, I choose Verizon because their coverage has never failed me in the past, and their prices are competitive.

When I want to spend as little as possible on a cellphone plan, I choose Mint because they have generous data allowance and low prices.

When I need a new phone and a new number, I choose Metro because they always give free high-end phones to new subscribers. Don’t underestimate their cell phone selection because gone are the days when prepaid providers only carried low-end devices.

High Allowance Data Plans

Do you really need unlimited data? Can you make do with 5GB or maybe 100GB? If so, the cell phone plans listed below have just enough data for an average consumer, but none are below 4GB of high-speed data.

Best Unlimited Data Plans

When unlimited data is a must-have, this list will help you find the right plan, ranging from standard to high-speed data.

Data Plans With Hotspot

These plans are tailored for mobile hotspot users. They range from 5GB of hotspot to 40GB of high-speed data.

Choose Metro if You Need a Free Phone and a Data Plan

Seriously, If you need a free phone and don’t mind a little less than perfect coverage, CHOOSE METRO!

The phones Metro gives away for free to new subscribers are reliable high-end devices. That should save you a several hundred dollars on a new phone. Plus, their cheapest data plan is only $40.

Verizon Has the Best Prepaid Data Plans

I think that the majority of people would agree that Verizon has the best coverage. Additionally, none of the service providers have consistent coverage across the United States, so it is best to base coverage on location.

Verizon has great prices when their loyalty program is considered, generous data allowance, and plans for everyone. Overall, I think Verizon has the best-prepaid data plans amongst other carriers.

Here’s some of their best plans:


One person’s definition of the best data plan is not necessarily another’s. To find your best data plan means to consider factors that only pertain to yourself.

Just as I mentioned, when I need a new line, I usually go with Metro to take advantage of getting a new phone. When I want to pay less for a monthly plan, I join a family plan or choose a provider like Mint. If I drive a lot, then I would choose Verizon for their coverage.

What if I did not purchase a plan for simple mobile, for few months? The sim will be de activated?
Once service is disconnected, the sim is not good